Kohls Awesome Clearance Sale Plus 20% off!

I have been looking for some maternity shorts for our upcoming trip, so I went browsing on Kohls website in the clearance section!  I managed to snag 4 pairs of maternity shorts/capris for less than $45 shipped!  How awesome is that!  Browse Kohl’s Clearance section and see what great deals you can find.  You can adjust each section to show you prices from low to high, so you see the cheapest things first!  Almost every section had something for about $2 as well!  Then you can use code UTAKE20 today and tomorrow and save 20% off your order!  Great time to stock up on kids clothing for next year!  Shipping is also just 99 cents, so if you just want one or two items, it won’t break the bank!

Make the deal even better if you shop through Ebates and get 4% cashback!

**** The deal gets even better!  You can also use the code LOWPRICE15 in addition to the UTAKE20 to get an additional 15% off!  So 20% off plus 15% off!  AWESOME!!****

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