Wild Animal Safari – $8 Tickets!

One of our favorite places to visit, The Wild Animal Safari, has a deal today with Half Off Depot!  You can get admission for just $8!  The Wild Animal Safari is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia and is by far one of the coolest things we’ve ever taken the kids to.  You drive through the safari and feed the animals, including giraffes and zebras!  One time, I even had the giraffe stick it’s whole head into the car to be fed!  You should have heard the screaming! lol.

If you drive down and want to stay the night, I highly recommend the FDR State Park.  It’s very close by and the cabins are wonderful and affordable.  There is also Callaway Gardens nearby as well, and I just heard that they have their FREE admission going on again this year for January and February.  Their butterfly garden is absolutely beautiful.  Hmm… I think planning a trip may be in order!

Go HERE to snag the Wild Animal Safari tickets for just $8 each.  Everyone age 3 and up will need a ticket.

2 thoughts on “Wild Animal Safari – $8 Tickets!

  1. I found this dela when you initiall posted it….we we for my sons birthday and we had a blast!!! Great place…thx so much for this post!

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