Meal Plan Monday!

It’s Monday again, so meal planning time!  Here’s what I plan to make this week:

Monday: Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie – Recipe found HERE.

Tuesday: We are taking a field trip to the zoo, so we’ll probably have dinner out somewhere on the way back home.

Wednesday: Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce – Recipe found HERE, courtesy of Susan at Our Family Eats!  By the way, Susan won the Top Foodie Mom contest – thank you all for helping vote for her!

Thursday: Pulled pork sandwiches

Friday: Goulash on Mashed Red Potatoes – Recipe found HERE.

Saturday: It’s my BIRTHDAY!  I’m not sure what hubby has planned, whether he’s cooking something special or we are going out.  Time will tell :-)

Sunday: Good old fashioned PBJ, carrot sticks, and cheese cubes.

What do you plan to make this week?

5 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday!

  1. Well, I had planned shoyu chicken stir fry, Cafe Rio pork tacos, and spaghetti with mizithra cheese, but now I’m not feeling great and think all I will manage for tonight is canned soup and grilled cheese. Sad. Maybe tomorrow will bring me more energy!

  2. Hey Erin!
    Trying to come up with a meal plan each MOnday like you do. Keeps us from eating out too much!
    Tonight: Chicken casserole
    Tues: Andouille/dirty rice
    Wed: Breakfast
    Thursday: Not sure yet
    Friday: Tilapia & homefries

    Any suggestions on Thursday?

  3. Congrats to Susan! I’ve adopted quite a few of her recipes – they are delicious (and easy)!

    Monday – Poppyseed chicken casserole, broccoli
    Tuesday – Easy Cheesy Baked Ziti, garlic bread
    Wednesday – salmon Patties, potatoes, green beans,
    Thursday – BBQ chicken pizza
    Friday – Grilled chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, lima beans
    Saturday – something out
    Sunday – Sandwiches, homemade hummus & pita chips

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