The Action Bible Review + Giveaway!

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The other day I told you about The Action Bible ESV Study Bible and offered a giveaway for it, but today I have another one to tell you about!  This one is The Action Bible and is also available at Family Christian!IMG_4692

In a nutshell, The Action Bible is a large comic book.  Throughout, it takes select Bible chapters and makes them very visual into a comic book like appearance.  It lists the verses to reference and then shows a great visual to go along with the verses.  Geared toward children aged 6 and up, it perfectly fit into our family.  My kids absolutely LOVE The Action Bible!  I have found that my son has really taken to this Bible and is often asking me about different sections and even looking up the references in his regular Bible.  He is even taking it in the car with him!  I love that it has encouraged him to go to his Bible to read more.

The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow and reinforcing the build-up to its thrilling climax. The stories in The Action Bible communicate clearly and forcefully to contemporary readers. This compelling blend of clear writing plus dramatic imagery offers an appeal that crosses all age boundaries.

Internationally recognized artist Sergio Cariello has created attention-holding illustrations marked by rich coloring, dramatic shading and lighting, bold and energetic designs, and emotionally charged figures. Let this epic rendition draw you into all the excitement of the world’s most awesome story.

Family Christian currently sells The Action Bible for only $13.49.  They have offered to give one lucky reader a $25 gift certificate so you can purchase this Bible for your own.  To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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FREE Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse- Monday ONLY


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Pampers Sleep Chat + Prize Pack Giveaway! #PampersSleepChat

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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When my children were young, I seriously dreaded the time changes.  Always seemed to end up with grumpy kids and a grumpy mom!  The start of Daylight Saving Time is quickly approaching on March 8th and, for many moms, that leads to nervousness and anxiety about their baby’s sleep patterns.  To smooth the transition, we would often start moving bedtime up or back, depending on the time change, over the course of about a week.  The gradual change seemed to help our little ones.

The time transition of “springing forward” is so top-of-mind for parents that a recent survey conducted by Pampers found that 77% are concerned with Daylight Saving Time affecting their child’s sleep pattern. More than half of parents surveyed dread the anticipated disruption to their child’s sleep schedule more than tax season!

Another survey conducted by Pampers found that nearly one-quarter of mothers (24%) felt that a dry diaper was the number one thing that enabled their baby to sleep through the night.  I always felt horrible if my baby woke up crying because they are soaking wet.  Not only did I have a cranky baby to change, I also had to stumble around and find some sheets to change the bed!

Pampers diapers offer up to 12 hours of overnight protection and are up to three times drier than ordinary diapers to help babies get the uninterrupted sleep they need for a great morning!  12 hours is a lot!  Wish my babies would sleep that long so we could really put this to the test!

Please join @Pampers on March 3rd from 9-10pmEST as they host a Twitter Party with renowned sleep expert, “The Sleep Lady,” Kim West! Kim will be sharing her tips for helping little ones through the Daylight Saving Time sleep transition and will also be answering your questions regarding baby sleep!

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To help prepare you for the time change, Pampers is offering one lucky Mommy Octopus reader a prize pack to help you get through the month!  To enter for your chance to win, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:

Prize Pack contains:

  • Dr. Kim West’s Book
  • Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 6, Jumbo Packs (4)
  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes (2)
  • Cloud B Twilight Turtle

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BioGaia ProTectis Probiotics for Kids



One of my kids struggles with a sensitive stomach.  We’ve tried many probiotics for her and some have worked and some haven’t.  We were recently invited to try out BioGaia ProTectis probiotics with MomSelect.  I was very interested to check out a probiotic that we hadn’t heard of before.

BioGaia ProTectis is a probiotic supplement designed for children. It contains one of the most well-researched probiotics in the world, especially in children. BioGaia ProTectis has been tested in numerous clinical studies and proven both effective and safe for children.* BioGaia ProTectis is now available at Walgreens in both easy-to-use drops and tasty chewable tablets, so you can conveniently give them to all of your children.  BioGaia ProTectis contains L. reuteri Protectis, a natural lactobacillus that helps restore a natural balance in your child’s digestive tract.

My daughter really liked the chewable tablets.  She didn’t have any issue at all with the texture or taste of them.  I also really liked the easy-to-use drops.  I could mix it easily with whatever she was drinking and know that she was getting the good stuff in her body.

BioGaia ProTectis is the safe and simple way to promote a healthy functioning digestive system, help with common digestive upsets, and strengthen your child’s natural defenses, and keep common tummy troubles away.  That makes my daughter happy, which in turn, makes Mommy happy!

For more information, you can check out their website, or find them on facebook, twitter, or instagram.

Anne Frank: Within and Without Inspires Atlanta Audiences, February 18 – March 8

Anne Frank 2015_photo (c)CPA (69)


History can be heard at the Center of Puppetry Arts from February 18-March 8th!  The theatre is presenting Anne Frank: Within and Without.

We got to sit on the front row and the show was powerful and mesmerizing. They did a fantastic job of representing the book. Every line from the Anne puppet was a direct quote from her diary. The use of four different types of puppets was unusual, too. We thoroughly enjoyed staying after the play to talk with the puppeteers!  I’d highly recommend the play to anyone who’s read the book.

Anne Frank 2015_photo (c)CPA (158)

Honoring one girl’s empowering and courageous tale of inner strength and vitality during the Holocaust, the Center for Puppetry Arts presents its innovative adaptation,  Anne Frank: Within and Without, February 18- March 8. Recommended for ages 12 and up, this theatrical piece is a powerful and thought-provoking production chronicling Frank’s day-to-day life hiding during Nazi oppression and persecution.

Presented in cooperation with the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, adapted by Bobby Box and directed by Mira Hirsch, Anne Frank: Within and Without features tabletop and marionette puppetry styles performed by Jeffrey Hyman and Caitlin Roe with live musical accompaniment by Chip Epsten. Winner of a 2007 UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence, this evocative telling of Frank’s experiences commemorates a remarkable 15-year-old girl who has touched the hearts of people around the globe for more than 60 years.

Anne Frank 2015_photo (c)CPA (41)


Anne Frank: Within and Without is presented in the Downstairs Theater February 18– March 8. 

Show times are as follows:

  • Wednesday-Thursday: 11 a.m.
  • Friday: 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 5 p.m.

TICKETS ARE $15 (MEMBERS) / $25 (NONMEMBERS) AND CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE AT WWW.PUPPET.ORG OR BY CALLING THE TICKET SALES OFFICE AT 404-873-3391. Tickets include Museum admission and a post-show talkback.

Easter Bunny’s Carrot Garden Pudding Cups

Easter Bunny's Carrot Garden Pudding Cups


For holidays, the kids and I love having fun with our food.  What better way to prepare for the Easter bunny fun that to make some yummy carrots out of strawberries!  These Easter Bunny’s Carrot Garden Pudding Cups are perfect for an egg hunt with friends or for a classroom party!  They are really simple to make as well!


Carrot Strawberries:

  • Strawberries, rinsed and dried
  • Bag of Orange Candy Melts

Carrot Pudding Cups:

  • Crushed Oreos
  • 1 box Chocolate Pudding
  • Milk (required number of cups on pudding box)
  • Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Additional Materials:

  • Clear cups
  • Parchment paper
  • Plastic baggie and scissors

Easter Bunny's Carrot Garden Pudding Cups Instructions


  1. Line baking sheet or pan with parchment paper. Melt orange candy melts. Holding strawberries by the stems, dip them into orange candy to coat and place on parchment paper.
  2. Take a sandwich bag and cut a tiny tip of it off for the chocolate drizzle. Spoon remaining melted orange candy into the bag. Gently drizzle the chocolate from side to side over the strawberries on parchment paper.
  3. Prepare the cups by adding 2 tablespoons crushed Oreos to the bottom of each cup.
  4. Make pudding as directed on box. Pour pudding into cup over crushed Oreos and then top with more crushed Oreos. Place carrot chocolate covered strawberry in center.
  5. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Easy to make and so delicious and fun!  Enjoy!

Teach Your Kids the 2 Minute Tidy Up Game

Teach Your Kids the 2 Minute Tidy Up Game

Every evening, it seems like the house is cluttered.  Jackets thrown on the floor, shoes kicked off under the table, random baby doll clothes in the hall, matchbox cars in the living room.  You know what I mean.  We try to teach our children to pick up after themselves, but lets face it.  They are kids.  Things are going to get left out despite reminding them to put away what they take out.

We have found a solution that works pretty well for our family.  After dinner, when the kids are full of energy, I’ll call out “Everyone hurry and pick up 10 things off the floor and put them where they belong!”.  I raise or lower that number based on the current state of chaos in the house.  The kids scramble and rush to find their number of things before their siblings and even mom and dad join in the fun!  Then I survey the house and call out another number if more tidying is needed.

We have found that rarely does this quick tidying up take longer than a minute or two!  Plus this makes it a fun game!  The tidy game especially comes in handy with a big family!  Many hands make light work!

How do you tidy your house in the evenings?

Great Deal on Building Block Baseplates – Compatible with LEGO





One can never have too many baseplates when building with blocks!  Here’s a fantastic deal!  Choose from either the Green Brick Building Base Plates(10 Pack)
or the Blue Brick Building Base Plates (10 Pack) for only $22.95!  That makes each base board only $2.29!  Awesome deal!

  • 100% Compatible with Lego, Megablocks, and all major brick sets
  • An Affordable Way to get baseplates for your Brick Building
  • Custom molded for Guaranteed Tight Fit
  • 10 5″x5″ Plates

You can also get the Brick Building Base Plates By SCS – Large 10″x10″ Baseplates (6 Pack Variety Pack) for $29.95, or just $4.99 each!

Monster Energy AMA Supercross FIM World Championship – Georgia Dome February 28!

SX302477-Atlanta-Standard-Web-Ad-Kit-425x600Just a quick reminder that the Monster Energy AMA Supercross FIM World Championship is in Atlanta!  This past Saturday’s race was fantastic and there is one more day to go!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.30.39 AM

My family wasn’t able to go, but my friend Kelly went for me instead.  Here is what she had to say:

This was our first time going to supercross. It was a great fun filled time, packed with excitement. It was a little scary to see them wreck off of their bikes. We were amazed at how fast they were racing and how high the bikes would go in the air when they did their jumps. Our favorite part was when the children raced their bikes!

Her boys just loved it and they made some wonderful memories!

Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the world’s premier indoor motocross circuit, comprised of 17 races of heart-stopping action in some of the largest venues in North America. Every week, the best riders from across the globe, like champions Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey seek to outrace each other on the sport’s most challenging courses. Featuring tight corners, fast straightaways, challenging rhythm sections, and vertigo-inducing jumps, these tracks pack excitement into every inch of dirt.

If you’re interested in going, use the discount code EPICATL to receive 50% off of 200 and 300 level seats for the Supercross shows! Discount code can be used online and at the box office. Discount code will expire on February 27th at 11:59pm.